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The Mystery of Charles Dickens

THE MYSTERY OF … CHARLES DICKENS Was Charles Dickens Mr. Charles Tringham of Peckham? The words “mystery” “and Charles Dickens” usually refer to the title

January 25, 2012 Charles Dickens
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Places to visit and diary of events for 2012

DICKENS; FUN AND GAMES. Dickens himself loved parties, dressing-up, charades, amateur dramatics and fun generally. I think he would have been very happy to see

January 25, 2012 Charles Dickens
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Dickens visits to America in 1842 and 1866.

DICKENS’ VISITS TO AMERICA Dickens visited America twice. Why did he go in 1842, when he had four young children, aged 5,3,2 and 1? He

January 25, 2012 Charles Dickens
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Dickens Pubs

FANCY DRINKING WHERE DICKENS DID? Here are details of a few of his favourite watering-holes: The Sir John Falstaff, Gravesend Road, Gad’s Hill, Rochester. (where

January 25, 2012 Charles Dickens

Dickens Life and Achievements

CHARLES DICKENS; 7TH February 1812 – 9th June 1870. During his lifetime, Dickens published fourteen full-length novels in monthly instalments (later in separate volumes); one

January 25, 2012 Charles Dickens
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Dickens for Newbies

DICKENS FOR NEWBIES Dickens’ mantra was: !Make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry, make ‘em wait!” And all his novels contain these three elements. We laugh

January 25, 2012 Charles Dickens
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Dickens Dinners

Dickens was fond of entertaining, and a formal dinner would usually consist of at least seven courses, with appropriate wines and champagne. He was known

January 25, 2012 Charles Dickens
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Biographies and Books

Biographies of Dickens recommended! “The Life of Charles Dickens” by John Forster. Forster was a contemporary and close friend of CD’s. This biog was approved

January 21, 2012 Charles Dickens
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